State’s failing schools could stall comeback

As chairman of Barton Malow Enterprises, one of my biggest concerns is having access to the very best talent to keep Barton Malow a trusted name in Michigan’s construction industry.

My business requires a continuous and steady flow of career-ready talent, and that begins with a high-quality pre-K-12 education that prepares all students for 21st century jobs, whether in skilled trades or following college.

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Letter: Education study supports all students

Recent op-eds in The Detroit News continue to pit the wide-ranging needs of charter public school students against those of students enrolled in traditional public school districts. It is time we recognize that all children are unique and wonderful in their own way.

As a 25-year leader and supporter of charter public schools, it has been my mission to help all charter public school students achieve and succeed alongside their peers in traditional public schools. This has included serving as former Gov. John Engler’s special advisor for charter schools development, and later my work at the Center for Charter Schools at Central Michigan University.

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School funding needs to be addressed

School district-wise, Marquette is not Detroit, and Detroit is not Marquette.

So, why should they be funded the same way?

The purpose of a study conducted by the School Finance Research Collaborative, a bipartisan group of education experts and business leaders from around Michigan, produced key findings centered on the true cost of providing a good education to every student regardless of income, location or circumstances.

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CV school board supports school finance research collaborative

A recent study of state school finance received the support of the Chippewa Valley Board of Education on Feb. 26, when members approved a resolution designed to send a message to lawmakers in support of changes in school funding.

Superintendent Ron Roberts brought the resolution in support regarding the School Finance Research Collaborative before the board.

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