Opinion | Fix the damn schools, Michigan

As teachers and students across Michigan return to classrooms this fall, school funding remains unsettled as the governor and legislative leaders continue haggling over the 2020 budget.

While these budget talks appear to center on our urgent need for increased road funding, the important matter of school funding seems to have been relegated to a lower priority. This is bad news for Michigan’s future prospects and will only continue our current years-long educational slide and economic underperformance.

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STATEMENT: Collaborative urges lawmakers to include SFRC research in school-aid budget

LANSING, Mich.  — The following is a statement from School Finance Research Collaborative Project Director Dr. Wanda Cook-Robinson.

“Taking road funding off the table in the current budget discussions doesn’t change the need to complete work on a K-12 budget that begins to serve the unique needs of every student, with additional resources for at-risk students and those living in poverty. The School Finance Research Collaborative urges the Legislature to support Gov. Whitmer’s weighted school funding formula as part of its final school-aid budget, as recommended by our research and supported by educators and business leaders across Michigan.”

The School Finance Research Collaborative is a diverse group of business leaders and education experts, from Metro Detroit to the U.P., who agree it’s time to change the way Michigan’s schools are funded. Read the full Collaborative report.


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